President Weah pleased With Minister Wilson: Over Final Submission of National Youth Policy & Action Plan Document

The Ministry of Youth and Sports is the arm of government that is responsible to enhance   youth development, employment and empowerment and harness youth participation in the growth and development of the country.

In pursuant of the Ministry mandate , the Ministry of Youth and Sports through the Senior Management Team headed by an astute sportsman  and a consummate   administrator, D. Zeogar  Wilson, presented a holistic   youth driven document  after a  period of  national  consultation and participation with youth across  the fifteen political sub-divisions of Liberia     to President George Weah at his Foreign Ministry office in Monrovia.

The presentation of the  holistic document which  is centered around youth participation, empowerment,  growth and development by Minister D. Zeogar Wilson  to the Liberia leader was remarkable, the President   facial expression  shows  sign of relieve, smiles and satisfaction that he was pleased  , he  than hailed the Minister of Youth and Sports D. Zeogar Wilson and his able team for a impressive job  done.

Describing the ceremony of  presentation of the document, the  Deputy Presidential Press Secretary Smith Toby, said  the Liberian leader with keen focus on the development of Liberia’s future leaders  was very pleased to have received the national youth document from Minister Wilson which will fully direct the government on how to execute its priority programs for youth development and empowerment.

The crucial national youth document and action plan sponsored by UNICEF and UNFPA was fashioned under the theme: Accelerating Youth Participation Through Policy Formulation.

The Five Years Document which runs from 2019-2023 according to the Youth and Sports Minister D. Zeoger Wilson features the involvement and full participation of key youth groups in Liberia namely: The Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY), Liberia National Students Union (LINSU) and the Mano River Youth Parliament-Liberia Chapter (MRUYP).

It can be recalled at the 2019 National Youth Day program, the Minister of State Nathaniel Mcgill officially launched the document which among other things is intended to guide development partners, the Government and young people on their programs and priorities for implementation.

The National Youth Policy and Action Plan highlights goals and objectives of the young people as well rights, responsibilities and obligations respectively.

Minister Wilson speaking in an exclusive interview after the submission of the youth policy document said the instrument is a national guide to the Liberian Leader,  and  according to him it  was a dream come through for him and his able team.

He said the exercise hectic but successful covering the entire Country during the consultation process which was divided into four regions.

Mr. Wilson commended the UNFPA and UNICEF for their support to the entire process and also praised the youth groupings and other young people generally for their active participation into the process, “you all made history”, he added.

The Document, the MYS boss pointed out among other things captured targeted groups to include: Youth in and out of School, Women and Girls, Youth with Disabilities, Youth living with HIV/Aids, Pen-Pen-Riders, At Risk Youth and Unemployed and Under-employed youth among others. 

The National Youth Policy and Action plan document after official submission to President Weah, is expected to serve as the too which will initiate and speed up the development and priority for the young people of Liberia by the Government and development partners.

Over the period, national government has instituted implementable youth empowerment programs to ensure that the Country’s dominant population get actively involved in contributing their quota to the growth and development process of Liberia.

In the wake of some of the progress made thus far, more still needs to be done to help enhance some of the tangible challenges and issues affecting the young people as the National Youth policy and Action Plan document is poised to address them gradually.