GOL. Possible Job Creation Underway:

Pictures of Ministers and Director during the meeting:
Pictures of Ministers and Director during the meeting:

On Friday, May 24, 2019, the Ministry of Youth and Sports in partnership with LACE, Ministry of Public Works and the Ministry of Labor convened a meeting of all TVET graduates at the SKD Sports Complex to explain to them government’s efforts in finding them job placement and other options they could explore and to create a database for them in this effort.

In furtherance of this meeting, the Minister of Finance, Hon. Samuel D. Tweah, Jr. hosted a meeting on June 4, 2019 at his office at the request of Youth and Sports Minister D. Zeogar Wilson. In attendance were Ministers Samuel D. Tweah, Jr., Mubutu Vlah Nyepan of Public Works, Quiwu P. Yeke of LACE, Molewulah Gray of the National Investment Commission and Hon D. Zeogar Wilson of MYS.

The Minister of Finance Hon. Samuel D. Tweah was very clear during meeting that he will not sign any government’s own contract that will not include a Legal Language that would make it a priority for these businesses or companies to hire qualified TVET graduates or provide capacity building for them.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss how to create job scheme for TVET graduates across the Country with government projects.

This meeting came in the wake of the mass meeting held May 24, 2019 with all TVET graduates at the Ministry of Youth and Sports SKD Sports Complex, to see how best these institution along the Ministry of Youth and Sports can begin to put in action regarding the promise that was made to the TVET graduates.

Meanwhile, it was agreed that a technical committee be setup, that will consist of the Ministry of Finance, National Investment Commission (NIC), Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE), Ministry of Public Works, the Bureau of Concession, Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Youth and Sports to put together a framework that will lead to the employment of our TVET graduates.

In the meeting a decision was reached that the technical committee should start work as of this Thursday June 6, 2019. The Minister of Public works again made his commitment that he is going to write the Ministry of Youth and Sports in the next few weeks because his Ministry will be awarding some road contracts so that the Ministry of Youth and Sports can submit specific number of TVET graduates for employment with the contracted companies in three counties that are coming up.

LACE is committed to the process of helping the Ministry of Youth and Sports to empower our young people, because the activities of LACE are community based and under obligation to make sure that the local youths in those communities are beneficiaries of that contracts which means they have opportunity of gaining employment.

LACE also said during the meeting, those TVET graduates living in those locations or in close proximity where the projects will be undertaken stand a better change to benefit from the employment and LACE is committed to employ between 200-500 young Liberian youths who are TVET graduates for its next project that will be announced shortly.

NIC committed to working with the Ministry of Youth and Sports to ensure that companies that receive tax waivers from government provide employment opportunities for qualified TVET graduates, amongst other opportunities.

Minister D. Zeogar Wilson thanked the Minister of Finance for spear heading the meeting and admonished the young people throughout the country and the TVET graduates to remain calm and put the Country first.