Youth Opportunities Project (YOP)

Funding Source:       World Bank

Funding amount:      10 Million Loan

Duration:                   5 years

Target:                       15,000 Youths

Age Range:                15-35 Years

Participants Ratio:    50-50, Male-Female

Location:                    All 15 Counties

Project Development objective

The Project Development Objective (PDO) is to improve access to income generation opportunities for targeted youth and strengthen the government’s capacity to implement its cash transfer program.

Beneficiaries: The project will directly benefit about 15,000 targeted youth (aged 15–35 years) over a five-year period with as many as two-thirds (10,000) graduating from the project by the end of 2019. Targeted youth are those who meet a set level of vulnerability owing to their poverty status as would be determined through a set of eligibility criteria. The project will seek to ensure an overall 50/50 participation ratio for male and female beneficiaries.