Min. Bemah


In an effort to strengthen the TVET sector, the Deputy Minister for Technical Vocational Education and Training Honorable Peter S. Bemah on the 12th of June, 2018 led a two-day assessment tour with the Food and Agriculture Organization FAO country Director Madam Mariatou Njie and the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture IITA team headed by Mr. Debo Akande. This purpose was to review the current infrastructures in Salala Bong County, the Tumutu Agriculture and Vocational Training Center TAVTC, Youth Agriculture Training Center YATC in Bensonville and the Klay Agriculture Vocational Training Center in Bomi County.

Minister Bemah said that the Ministry will continue to partner with the Country Director with FAO and the IITA to strength the capacity in the agriculture training through our various institutions YATC, TAVTC and KAVTC, given our current budgetary structure we are establishing partnership with these international organizations like the Food and Agriculture Organization the FAO, so Liberia will be helped to have a well-structured youths throughout the country and with that we can have a good agriculture arm to be self-sustained.

In addition, the intent of the tour with those INGOs is to know the strength and weakness of the government in reopening the schools so that the promise to better the lives of young Liberians through technical and vocational training so that they can enhance to work responsibilities of the country after been trained. Giving that Liberia has to move and be in line with its counterpart in agriculture and being self-sustainable to improve liveliness for its people.

Madam Mariatou Njie said Liberia being a member country of the FAO the invitation was honored by them to be present for the tour so that they can see where FAO can capture to start finding priority to help the Government of Liberia, so that the young farmers and even those who are willing to be farmers can be fully capacitated in the field for the promotion of agriculture in Liberia.

She also said that FAO is like an extension of the Minister’s office because FAO is here to support the people of Liberia because FAO is a United Nations organization and its mandate is to end hunger, because when food security is achieved a nation like Liberia can do more and move faster to meet with other developing countries.

Madam Njie also said that agriculture especially for Liberia is a key engine for rapid economic growth and we depend on the youth to achieve this goal because the youths have the bigger role to play, Liberia is so bless said Madam Njie because the potentials are there but before the Liberians realize that the country is bless they have to travel out of Liberia and go to some countries like where I am from, we pray for rain every day and God has given it to you in abundance, we pray for rich soils God has given it to you in abundance and pray for the forest God has given it to you and the forest is so rich in Liberia, then you also have the sea and many rivers where you can do fisheries agriculture.

Agriculture in FAO is in a broad sense we talk about crop, forestry, fishery and environment so the youths there is so much you can do because the burden of liveliness rest on the shoulders of the youths of Liberia.