Group Photo and Min. Bemah Speaking


In an effort to reopen the Tumutu Agriculture and Vocational Training Center (TAVTC), there was a one-day stakeholders meeting held in Salala District, Bong County, the meeting which comprised of the office of the Vice president of the Republic of Liberia Madam Jewel Howard Taylor, Senator Henry W. Yallah of Bong County, the Youth and Sports Ministry, FAO country director Ms. Mariatou Njie, country representative Madam Watchen Harris-Bruce and other stakeholders.

TAVTC is owned by the Government of Liberia and it is operated by the Ministry of Youth and Sports with funding of the government of Liberia and our partners, the center in the past served as a training and reintegration hub for ex-combatants during the disarmament and reintegration period during our dark days which was manage by an NGO call Land Mine Action which was later change to Action on Arm Violence in Liberia. 

Minister Bemah also said that the Tumutu Agriculture and Vocational Training Center has not been open since last year due to the lack of funding, as a result of the Ministry of Youth and Sports began talking to partners like the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, Agric Power, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, the African Development Bank and the World Bank.

Deputy Minister Peter S. Bemah also said this meeting is in a wake of the numerous calls and concerns from the citizens and elders of the district about why TAVTC has not open, and to also bring face to face some of the people we are having conversation with and the extent to where that conversation has made progress. As you may be aware the fencing of the poultry is already in progress and other set up also in progress as we hope to reopen the institute soon.

In a related development the FAO country director Madam Mariatou Njie, according to Africa Economy outlook, in Africa over two hundred million are age between 15 and 24 and this positions Africa with the youngest pollution in the world in the world agriculture in Africa is on top potential directly and indirectly.

TAVTC will have to make agriculture more dynamic than it is now and the young people will have to view the sector more positively than they do now.

The FAO country director also said generating broad economic development and providing most of the population with food and meeting the demand of the population where aging farmers on the traditional farming are going out it is time that Liberia prioritizes the youth to meet the demand and stabilize the economic tension in the country.

Therefore, empowering youth in agriculture in Liberia with the knowledge and skill, they will need to thrive and they will achieve, hence, the decision to reopen the Tumutu Agriculture Vocational and Training Center which will provide the opportunities and will have the Liberian Youth empowered with the right skill to build profitable careers or businesses in agriculture.

The Food and Agriculture Organization FAO supported three youth centers in the past the Klay Agriculture and Vocational Training Center (KAVTC), Center Songhai Liberia initiative (CSLI) and the Tumutu Agriculture and Vocational Training Center (TAVTC) to train youths in rice, vegetables, life stock and other agricultural training through hands on practical skills, modern technologies and advisory services in agriculture.

Madam Njie further lamented that the Food and Agriculture organization FAO is happy to be associated with today’s events and wish to inform this gathering that in support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports effort to empower the youths of Liberia in Agriculture, FAO will donate two vehicles and office furniture for the operation for the youth centers. I take this Opportunity to thank the government of Liberia through the Vice President Madam Jewel Howard Taylor and also the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Agriculture our key partner in Liberia for the fruitful relationship which FAO enjoy as a partner.

FAO will continue to strengthen its activities to support Liberia and realizing the potential of agriculture and food system to create more job opportunities for youths as we are already working with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Agriculture in designing a project which will benefit the youths in agri-business.

The Agric-Power country representative Mrs. Watchen Harris-Bruce also support the reopening of the Tumutu Agriculture and Vocational Training Center because the agricultural sector is one of those sectors that we can use to rebuild Liberia and also have the youths of this country empowered.

Mrs. Harris-Bruce also said that the youths will have to take the lead through agriculture to rebuild Liberia and transform the lives of those left-over youths that have the potential to get themselves involve with the rebuilding process through agriculture.