MYS Denies Construction of “Concentration Camps” Report


The Ministry of Youth and Sports (MYS) has not embarked on the construction of several “concentration camps” across the country for less fortunate persons, otherwise referred to as “Zogos,” contrary to a story attributed to Abraham M. Bah, Administrative Assistant to the Deputy Minister of Youth Development, as carried in the … edition of the Daily Observe.

The newspaper also quotes Bah as saying, among other things, that the camps were being built to train and prepare zogos and less fortunate persons, for the task of nation building in the future.

But MYS Minister D. Zeogar Wilson says while his ministry is seeking ways and means to help properly address the plights of less fortunate and at-risk youth in Liberia, including those referred to as zogos, it was unfair for any staff from the ministry to misinform the public about projects the entity has yet to begin, adding his office did not authorize Mr. Bah to do so.