Minister Wilson, the French Delegates, MYS Deputy Ministers and the Special Assistant to the Minister


In a conference yesterday, March 26, 2019 the French Development Agency Director from the Cote D’Ivore, Mr. Emmanuel Debroise said France decided to have Liberia considered, a priority Country for the French ODA, following the meeting of President George M. Weah and President Emmanuel Macron of France.

The French Development Agency awarded a grant of 5 million euros to for youth employment and higher education 2018, and will also be sending a grant of 10 million euros this year 2019 for youth employment project 2 which is under the Youth Opportunity Project (YOP) as extension of the program.

Mr. Debroise said during the discussion that they met with the Ministry of Finance and they are glad with the level of work, but the mean purpose is to visit the Ministry of Youth and Sports about ongoing projects and the new projects that will be kicking up.

Speaking during the conference, Mr. Debroise also spoke about meetings between International Football Federation the partners to discuss the strategies to promote women soccer and find projects to make it grand. The French Development Agency on November 27, 2018 signed an MOU with the Government of Liberia to support the implementation of the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD).

A launch of a platform for transformation through sports was announced by President Emmanuel Macron in February 2018, during a reception for President George M. Weah, the objective is to establish international partnerships and develop local initiatives for community sport and social cohesion.

Meanwhile, Minister D. Zeogar Wilson thanked the President of France and the French Development Agency for the level of support rending to Liberia.  Minister Wilson also said the government takes the issue of sports very seriously and we hope the emphasis will also be given to sports, capacity building in terms of our coaches, infrastructure development and the female sports which is also part of our sporting package, so we are hoping that our document be given some priority.

Minister D. Zeogar Wilson also said that this partnership was established by the president of the Republic of France and the President of the Republic of Liberia therefore, no sector of our government will be left out of this initiative.

In a related development, Minister D. Zeogar Wilson also throw light on the At Risk Youths (ZOGOS) that they are languishing in the streets. We are striving for opportunity for them so we want their issue to please be part of your agenda because we should include them so that the program can be successful as you plan for your future visit.

He also said that, the security is maintained when the young people are empowered, because when young people are not empowered it posed threat to national security of any nation.